TPI Reports

OUR STATE-OF-THE-ART WEB-BASED MANAGEMENT TOOL, TriplePointReports, allows you to view and store all testing data in one location. This application allows users to access their facilities data and generate desired trends representative of their system(s). Customers are not required to download or install any software; however, an internet connection is required. The icon-based interface is intuitive and easily navigated resulting in a quick learning experience.

Ease of Use

  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Mozilla web browsers. No need to download or install any programs.
  • Intuitive Icon-based interface

Online Reports

  • Customers can create and access service reports, visit online reports, and check their onsite chemical inventory. Chemical and equipment orders can easily be placed online.
  • Access to SDSs and Product Bulletins has never been easier. All current SDSs for your facility are updated and stored.
  • Color-coded test results allow you to easily visualize data of concern, ranging from yellow to red, so that corrective action can be taken quickly.
  • When testing parameters are exceeded, email alarms can be sent out automatically.

Data Analysis

  • Graphing and trending is easy. Simply select the component and choose the date range that you would like to trend. Options are available to download the generated graphs as a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Data can be compiled and analyzed over days, months, and years for individual equipment or for the entire facility with a click of the mouse.
  • Test results can be graphed to display detailed statistical information as well as provide comparisons against other test results and report types.
  • Inventory reports can be graphed to calculate product usage.
  • Walchem, Webmaster, and eControllers can be integrated into TriplePointReports to provide a more complete look at your water treatment program.