Specialties & Services

Legionella Pneumophilia is a type of bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s disease, a potentially lethal type of pneumonia, that can be contracted through the inhalation of water droplets. These bacteria can be found in water distribution systems of large buildings, hotels, and hospitals. They can also be found in cooling towers, misters, humidifiers, whirlpool spas, fountains, and even in some natural water sources, like hot springs. Triple Point can perform a risk assessment for Legionella in your facility’s water system through our site-specific sampling and testing programs. Triple Point can also perform risk assessments for Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

In the event that your water system has tested positive for Legionella pneumophilia, Triple Point can assist, and advise you during the remediation process. Once the remediation process is complete, we highly recommend a continuous preventative maintenance program that can help prevent future breakouts.

A water safety plan is a proactive approach to determine the safety of potable water. Triple Point can help you put together a water safety plan through comprehensive methods that are ASHRAE 188 compliant. ASHRAE 188 is a standard set of guidelines that establish minimum risk management requirements for potable water. Triple Point can provide chemical treatment, filtration, and all necessary equipment to adequately support a comprehensive Water Safety Plan.

Triple Point offers secondary disinfection through the use of EPA approved disinfectants to help reduce the risk of waterborne pathogens such as Legionella. This helps a facility maintain water quality and reduce liability through having a redundant, protectionary plan in place.

There is an increasing demand for water that is making the need to conserve, reclaim, and recycle water ever more vital to the preservation of our ecosystem. By taking steps to reclaim and recycle water, you will become part of the vital movement to better prepare and protect our ecosystems against the increasing water demand. Additionally, reclaiming and recycling water will result in saving water utility costs and decreasing the energy demand on the various types of equipment. Triple Point Industries is staffed with creative minds that are knowledgeable of the financial benefits and design steps involved with developing and implementing water reclamation and recycling projects. Triple Point Industries takes pride in positively impacting our customers and the environment.