Triple Point offers several specialty chemical regimens for optimal boiler water chemistry. Through testing and analysis, we confidently tailor a chemical regimen to prevent scaling, deposition, and corrosion to satisfy the demands of all steam and hot water boiler systems. We engineer feedwater pretreatment programs specific to various source water qualities and we specialize internal chemical treatment to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces. We offer common chemical treatment, all polymer based programs, and sludge conditioning programs to treat and preserve electric boilers, aluminum boilers, gas boilers, and wood fire boilers oriented vertically or horizontally.

We also understand Steam Line Treatment is a vitally essential component to steam boiler water treatment programs. From commercial buildings to large industrial steam driven turbines, the generated steam serves various purposes that demand site-specific parameters be maintained to preserve the integrity of the heat transfer surfaces. Triple Point has designed programs to ensure consistent steam purity and prevent corrosion through a multi-component, amine-based product. These programs protect the short, medium, and long runs of a steam line system including steam utilizing systems, such as a turbine, and the condensate return lines.

One of the most expensive systems at commercial and industrial facilities is a chiller. A chiller’s performance is highly dependent on how well heat can be removed by the coupled cooling tower(s) and the cooling tower’s water chemistry. Triple Point offers several cooling water treatment programs designed around the site-specific water source to protect the cooling tower from scale formation and corrosion. Our method consists of proper testing techniques, data analysis, and system analysis to precisely regulate the necessary chemical treatment program.

Triple Point Industries provides tailored chemistry for both hot and chilled, closed loop systems. We use molybdate, nitrite, and amine-based chemical regimen programs to ensure that the treated closed loop system and any corresponding chiller, hot water boiler, or steam boiler stays well protected from all types of corrosion, deposits, and scale formation.

Triple Point is a stocked distributor for various filtration equipment manufacturers. We provide filtration from small cartridge filter systems to large multimedia depth filters for the necessary removal of water impurities. If there is a need for filtration, we will find it and provide all the necessary equipment and related services to make it happen.

Triple Point Industries has experienced technical representatives capable of troubleshooting most water softeners, reverse osmosis (RO) systems, de-alkalizing systems, and de-ionizing (DI) systems. Whether you may have questions about the needs of purchasing a new system, finding replacement parts, scheduling a repair, or troubleshooting any issue, Triple Point is here for you.

In systems where biofilms are common, Triple Point Industries carries numerous EPA-registered biocides, ranging from oxidizing to environmentally friendly non-oxidizing biocides, for use in eliminating microbial growth. Our products and programs are designed for use in decorative water fixtures, closed loop systems, cooling towers, and domestic water systems.

In addition to cleaning, Triple Point Industries biocide treatment programs also protect people from airborne bacteria like Legionella Pneumophilia or from parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, all of which can commonly occur in water fixtures, domestic water distribution systems, ice machines, and cooling towers. We offer protection through system remediation and/or implementing a water safety plan to a new or existing installation.

Here at Triple Point Industries, we strive to develop long-term working relationships with our clients. We believe that through creating such partnerships, we instill trust in all of our customers to remain confident through collaborating with Triple Point Industries toward positive progress.