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Large Industries
TRIPLE POINT PROVIDES WATER TREATMENT PROGRAMS for large industrial facilities. This industry requires a working knowledge of all facets of water treatment. Triple Point treats all phases of water used in these facilities. From the automotive plant to the co-generation plant, we have a program designed for your facility. Some of the industry-specific areas that Triple Point Industries handles are:

Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis (RO), D.I. Water, Equipment

Triple Point Industries has experienced technical representatives capable of troubleshooting most water softeners, RO, and D.I. systems. We have ORP and pH monitoring equipment, RO scale inhibitors, carbon filtration and multimedia filtration. Whether you need to purchase, repair, troubleshoot or replace parts, Triple Point can meet your needs.

Boiler Feed Water Treatment

boilerTriple Point's feed water treatment is designed to remove oxygen from the boiler feed water. This helps prevent oxygen pitting in the boiler. Heating of the feed water helps drive off the oxygen as well. Whether it is a sulfite blend, DEHA, hydrazine or other oxygen scavengers, we have the products for you.

Boiler Water Treatment

Triple Point offers several treatments for boiler water treatment. An analysis will determine which one is best suited for your operation. We have everything from an all polymer program to the standard sludge conditioners. We will tailor the program to meet the needs of your water.

Steam Line Treatment

Steam line treatment is a very critical component to the water treatment program. In large industrial plants, there are numerous demands for steam. As a result of these demands, there are different pressures required throughout the facility. Triple Point has a unique program that utilizes three different neutralizing amines. These amines have different distribution ratios providing protection of the short, medium and long runs of steam lines, as well as the condensate return lines. We have both low-pressure steam line treatments and high-pressure steam line treatments.

Cooling Tower Treatment

cooling towerOne of the most expensive pieces of equipment a large facility has is a cooling tower. Proper treatment of the cooling tower water is of the utmost importance. Triple Point offers several different cooling water treatment programs designed to provide scale and corrosion protection, from the best water to the worst water. Whether you have high hardness, low hardness, high silica, iron, or alkalinity issues, it does not matter. Triple Point has a program for your water needs.


Triple Point Industries is an approved EPA establishment. We carry numerous EPA-registered biocides, ranging from oxidizing and non-oxidizing to environmentally safe for use in controlling microbiological growth.

Closed Water Systems

Triple Point believes closed water systems are very important in a large facility. Knowing that these systems are often over looked or neglected, we have implemented a program known as our Trouble Free Transition program. We will perform an analysis of each closed water system, write out an action plan for the customer, and then treat the system accordingly.

Furnace Loops

Triple Point Industries has developed a water treatment program using high purity water as make up, and a corrosion inhibitor to protect the high heat demands of furnace water. We supply portable high purity water exchange tanks to several of our customers.

Waste Water

Triple Point Industries has a wide range of coagulants and polymers required for use in wastewater processes. Creating programs using a complete water management approach, Triple Point Industries partners with our clients in reduction of make-up water, waste water and sludge removal. Our programs are designed to adhere to environmental compliance. Products and services include synergistic blended coagulants, flocculants, de-watering aids, color removal, odor control, metals precipitants and super absorbents. Our polymers are available with anionic, cationic and non-ionic charges. We specialize in custom formulation to meet the needs of each individual client. We carry an extensive line of NSF-approved products.

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